Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Skirt Fest: #4 Boutique skirt

Skirt fest continues!

I missed posting this last week because I was at the beach. An unplanned trip, but it was so needed and so much fun. Just me and the kids for this trip, with a friend, and some friends of said friend. We had a great time and I will hopefully do a post about it soon. I'm having some first world life issues at the moment as well: vehicle problems and my laptop fan is acting up. All will be well in due time, I guess.

Back to skirts--

Next up we have a crowd favorite. I love this fabric. I got it at JoAnn's on a trip to Savannah. I haven't seen it in the JoAnn's closest to me or the one near my in-laws house in NC. 

I call this the Boutique skirt:

All kinds of fun going on with this fabric. I thought this would be perfect for a skirt. So bright, so pretty.

The girl had seen some trim with pompoms on a pair of leggings I was fixing for a friend and decided she wanted that trim, too, of course.

I searched for some bright green pompom trim, but the green colors at JoAnn's weren't quite right. I found some pink that would work, but I wasn't sure if it would be too much pink. I also picked up some bright green giant rick rack just in case the pink was too much  pink. 

Obviously I went with the pink pompoms and the girl is very happy with that.

The bright blue and white striped shirt was in her closet. I am so glad I looked in her closet for a matching shirt. I will sometimes think about what will go with the fabric while I am shopping for it, but I came up empty with this one, but I couldn't resist buying it anyway. Then, I peaked in her closet to see what she had and found this gem. Perfection!

So bright and cherry! A super fun skirt.

I also had her try on a bright green shirt with the boutique skirt.

That is one bright green shirt! Glows in the daylight. It works with the skirt, but I think I like the blue/white striped shirt better.

Silly girl, she wanted to bring her rocker outside for the photo session because she was getting tired of standing for me.

The end of skirt fest is almost here. I have one more skirt to go!
Stay tuned.

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