Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beach Pillow Case Dress

Every little girl needs a cute white dress to wear to the beach.

(I found this cute one at Target on clearance, the problem it that is it a size 5T, too big for the girl this year.)

The problem was that I couldn't find one I liked. I wanted something simple and fun and cute. I did see some pretty dresses, but not for playing at the beach. They were too fancy and girlie. I had to go another route.

A co-worker of mine was having a yard sale and I was helping her organize her things. And I found the perfect item to make a beach dress. A white pillow case with details around the opening. Bingo!

So I turned it into a pillow case dress for my girl.

I didn't use ribbon this time. I just threaded the elastic through the front and the back and stitched the two ends together to form a loop. The neck line expands, if needed, to get the dress on and off. No need to tie the strings over and over again. I was going to add ribbons to the elastic for bows at the shoulders but I couldn't get the bows exactly the way I wanted them so we went without, for now.

Such a pretty girl!
We also did a photo session with both of the kids. I was eventually able to get a few good pictures of them. Toddlers are hard to photograph together. You have to get the both of them looking in the same direction, maybe even smile, preferably at the same time, and they have to hold still long enough for you to actually snap the photo. It's not easy and would be easier if someone else was helping who is good at directing the kids while I take the photo. I'm hoping this gets easier as they get a little older and enjoy helping me when I want to take their pictures.
They do look cute together though.

The end.

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