Friday, March 21, 2014

What I have been sewing lately!

I have been busy with projects, and work, and kids, and laundry, and life. We are STILL waiting for consistent warm weather. We have gotten a couple of days here and there, but it doesn't last very long. Come on, spring! You are on the clock now. Get it together.

I posted a photo on facebook of my fabric that I bought while on a shopping run.

I only needed to get white and blue thread. They're not pictured, but I did get some.
My faves: red chevron, the mustache, and the bright chevron!

One of my fb friends saw the bright chevron and wanted me to make something for her baby. I said sure. Then she wanted something made for a girl family member. I said yes, again. 

Here is what I made for them.

Ruffle pants with lettered onesie, and a lettered tee with matching pants. The older girl didn't want ruffles, but after she saw the baby ones, now she does. 

I made the girl her own little pillow and pillowcase (fabric from Wal-Mart). She's been stealing her brother's and her daddy's little pillows.

The first couple of times she had slept with the pillow I would find it on the floor. I guess there just isn't enough room for her and her pillow sometimes. Usually she is the one in the floor.

I made two outfits for another friend's two tiny girls. The little girl one is on the left and the big girl one is on the right. She bought the pattern and I sewed them together. There were a couple of miscues when it came to the pattern and instructions, but the results are good. She likes them.

I have to shorten the big girl pants. They are supposed to be capris, but just look like really short pants on her with the ruffles. Also, she is short so that doesn't help. For the little girl, the capris look like pants and my friend is happy with that. I am going to make a matching diaper cover so she will be comfy for the spring in her outfit.

My twin has a friend that saw this photo on fb...

Aww, look how much she changed in a year. *sigh* I made this outfit for my girl in 2012 and she wore it again in 2013. The shirt may have been a bit small on her, but it worked. My twin's friend wants me to make the same thing for her two girls. Can do. I bought more of the Easter-y fabric to do so. The only thing is that I can not find this outfit. I have no idea where it could be.

That is what I have been and will be doing. :) I have spring birthdays coming up so I have some planning and baking to do. 

So much fun is yet to come.

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  1. Oh! I've been so bad about visiting other blogs lately and look at all I've missed here. All the clothes you make for your children are so cute. Those mustache shorts??!!?? I die from the cuteness!