Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Skirt Fest: #3 White and multi-color chevron skirt with applique Shirt

Next up in the skirt making/wearing business is this super adorable white with colorful chevron print skirt. I love the bright chevron fabric. I got it from the Creative Sewing Machine Center. So pretty! I've used this fabric in other projects as well, see here.

I made another simple skirt for this post. I used some white fabric as the main body of the skirt. Then, for a splash of fun color, added a band of the bright chevron. I finished it off with another band of white fabric for the hem.

I took one of her plain tees that matched and added a fun letter applique to it. Now she will know which shirt goes with this skirt, although we do have a bright green plain tee that would look just as cute and fun.

See sweetie, skirts can be just as fun as dresses!

How y'all doin'?

I love that picture. Hi, pretty girl!

More skirts to come.

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