Monday, January 27, 2014

Husband's Tie

As a part of my Black Friday fabric purchase, I bought some Star Trek fabric (JoAnn's) for the hubs.

I found a great tie pattern for a full length man's tie on Pinterest. It worked great for this project. (The link for the pattern is in the pin text. The pdf document also has the tutorial).

He enjoyed me making a project for him. Once I finished it, the first time he wore it was to Church. He got some compliments on it as well. Then, he did something amazing. He told them that I made it. He gave me credit for it. It was a great feeling. 

My kids never give me credit for the things I make for them and I am ok with that, they are not big on getting attention for things like that. I don't make things for the attention, people eventually figure it out and they don't say much afterwards, which is fine, I'm not big on that type of attention anyway.

I'm happy that he likes it. When the kids sit on his lap and ask him questions about the tie he can name all of the characters and it gives them something to do while waiting for church to start. Nothing like good, quality time with the kids.

There was a still some fabric left over and he asked if I could make him a pillowcase for his childhood small pillow. So I did.

He likes it, too. 

Happy husband, happy wife.

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