Friday, November 29, 2013

My Week + Glowing Leaves

My Week:
-Work, Thanksgiving, work. Also, lots of planning and prepping for the holidays. Getting excited and making sure to not miss anything this year. It's going to be busy and I am going to enjoy it.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Glowing Leaves:
The end of November is upon us and even though winter is still a few weeks away, fall has essentially come to an end. The changing of the season has been quite nice this year. A little odd as well. The leaves on the trees are turning colors and look spectacular, some are fighting to stay green, and on some parts of the trees the leaves are already gone. It's like the trees are confused. But they do make for pretty photos.

Some photos were taken at one of the buildings I work in. I loved the staggered color of the trees when I looked out of the glass doors. Always a pretty sight. The rest were taken at a park near the house. I love the way the sunlight streams through the leaves to make it look like they are glowing. So pretty. 

Enjoy the fall colors.

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