Friday, December 6, 2013

Wooden Fabric Circles + My Week

My Week:
I'm deep in sewing projects for Christmas, decorating, and shuttling kids to holiday events. Busy, busy, busy. And loving it! Can't wait to show you what I am working. My studio is a mess, a lovely mess. I won't show you that...maybe.

Anyway, here is a project I finished for the studio!

Have you seen the cute embroidery hoop fabric decorations on Pinterest, or magazines, or in a fabric shop? I love them. I first saw them online, and then when my hubs and I went on a trip to Savannah I stopped in a fabric shop, Fabrika, and they had some on the long wall separating the shopping area from the staircase.

I knew that once I got my studio built I wanted to hang some in my space. The problem: embroidery hoops aren't cheap. And I wanted several of them. 

Solution: wooden circles.

I found these wooden circles at the Hob Lob (Hobby Lobby). They were also most likely on sale. The large circle is 10 inches ($1.43) and the small circle is 6 1/2 inches ($.79). Decently priced even when not on sale.

I gathered my supplies:
-Wooden circles
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-Adhesive Velcro

I ironed some remnant pieces of fabric that were big enough to fit on the large and small wooden circles. The fabrics have been used in other projects, or were other projects, and will now be decoration.

Place the fabric wrong side up and the wooden circle on top of the fabric.

I put the price tag side up so it wouldn't show through the fabric when I turned it around to the side it would be viewed from.

Make sure there is enough fabric to pull around to the back of the circle to glue down. Slowly put hot glue on the circle and pull the fabric to secure it to the circle. Careful, the glue is hot, which seems odd to have to say, but it is.

Keep going around the circle gently pulling the fabric so that it will conform to the circle and look pretty on the other side.


Once you have done the whole circle, place the finished product somewhere to cool off. Continue doing the other circles.

When all of your circles have been completed and cooled off you can trim the excess fabric to reduce bulk on the back.

The only fabric that wasn't a remnant was this awesomely cute turquoise, white, and red sewing fabric that I got from JoAnn's. It matches my room perfectly and I thought that was so cool. I only bought a quarter of a yard. There's a little remaining to possibly make some simple projects out of. Maybe a pin cushion? I'll think of something.


So cute and fun. Quick, too.

I did all of these is less than an hour and a half. They are ready to hang.

I got some adhesive Velcro to attach to the circles. You can use anything you want to hang yours up (some ribbon/string attached to the back and a nail would be a good idea as well). Place on the wall, or wherever you are going to put them, and stick them up. That way if I wanted to change up the look I could just move the circle to a different velcro spot.

I used some extra circles as a template for spacing. It gave me a good visual before I put the permanent adhesive on the wall, that way I could make slight adjustments as needed. I put some tape on the back of the non-fabric circles for temporary use.

My girl had fun helping me. She wanted to play with the circles. Then, she wanted to help hang them up. I let her do one. She was very proud.

The wall before and after:

I hope to find smaller circles (3-4 inches) to add to my wall. It will give it some variety and add more interest. 

I have a few more wooden circles left over, and as I complete future projects I can assure you that more circles will be added to the wall. I have some fantastic girl super hero fabric I am going to use for a project (not sure what I am going to make, as usual) for my girl. I am hoping there will be enough to make a couple of circles so I can put one in her room.

You could use this project in other ways as well. Maybe a mobile or d├ęcor in a kids room? Bathroom? On a flat ceiling? For the various holidays? There are many possibilities.

As always, thanks for visiting. :)

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