Thursday, August 29, 2013

Study Hall Jacket

I have declared this project COMPLETE! or at least as complete as it is going to get at this point. You can read about my struggle with this project here. But who wants to read about my struggle when you can see the happy ending right now?


Here's a short, quick version of what I did.

Fabric: Flannel, two colors of ribbing, two colors of twill. I wasn't sure which color of ribbing I wanted to use for the jacket so I bought both colors that matched the twill. All fabric came from JoAnn's.
Love the flannel!

I cut out my pieces after hacking the pattern and adding seam allowances for the color blocking. Then, I sewed the pieces together.

Ready to assemble the outer jacket and the flannel lining.

Welt pockets for the front.

Attaching the two pieces together and preparing for the ribbing.

*sigh* My struggle-y section.

But I persevered and the result is actually not that bad.  

 My boy said he loved his jacket when I first showed it to him during one of his not-staying-in-bed moments. I used that moment to have him try on the jacket to see how it fit. He is growing in to a size 6 so I made the jacket using the size 7 pattern. Depending on how quickly he grows, he should be able to wear it again next year and it will fit him even better.

Grading on my part---
Outcome: B
Effort: A+

Kid Approval rating: A+++


I had gone searching for help with the part I was having an issue with. I think I sent about three requests. To my complete surprise I actually got an email back from Andrea Pannell who created this pattern! I didn't even send her a request for help, but she sent me an email response first. I was amazed. Everyone offered words of encouragement and compliments as well. Thanks, ladies!

Sending a thank you to:
Andrea Pannell

Things I learned with this project:
--I can now make Study Hall Jackets for my kids
--I know how to use ribbing in projects (sort of, minus that tricky part)
--I know how to sew welt pockets; those were a first as well
--Hand sewing can be therapeutic (must get back to cross stitching at some point)
--Don't let the tricky parts define to outcome of the finished product

And there you have it. Have a great day!

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