Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sew Struggling

So, on a few different blogs I follow I kept seeing this fall line of patterns being reviewed and shared. The Alphabet Collection by Pattern Anthology. I was sold on getting the set of 4 patterns when I saw Shwin and Shwin blog's fun use of the Study Hall Jacket. The jacket is adorable. I love the colors, the blocking, the fit. The boy is so cute!! I figured this would be a good project to make for my son.

I purchased all four patterns before they were sold individually. A little less than twenty dollars, five dollars per pattern, the jacket is now $12 individually, so it was a good deal!

I went to JoAnn's to pick out fabric for my jacket/coat projects. I got to work on the Study Hall Jacket. For the most part it is looking pretty good. I can see the finish line, as I have almost completed the jacket. I'll just skip to the part that is giving me trouble. I'll do a full post later. Stay tuned.

Here is what I have:

A problem with the rib waistband. Pretty sure it shouldn't look all scrunchy. doesn't look like the diagram on the instructions.

Having never used ribbing, or making something with a waistband that have corners like this, I am not sure what I did wrong.

I followed instructions as I understood them, followed along with the photos, took my time, read and re-read the instructions.

It doesn't look complicated. I'm fairly certain I can handle this. I just don't know how, I think.

Ohh, the scrunchiness. :(

Here what it looks like when I turn everything right side out. As a whole it looks neat, until you get to the ribbing.


I know I can do better.

Just not sure how to make it better.

I unpicked a few stitches that looked like they were the trouble makers. I haven't turned everything around to see what it looks like. I was tired and went to get ready for bed instead.

Also, what is up with the lining showing up at the bottom of the zipper? *frown* I'm not extremely worried about that at this point.

The unpicked stitches:
Wow, that is not focused very well on the jacket. Sorry. It was getting late, and I was getting too sleepy to pay attention to the photos I was taking.

This is better.

Most of the scrunch has disappeared. I like it a little better, but I worry about the inside. I will go and look at it when I get a chance and hand stitch the holes.

Here is the mostly finished product:

Zipped up. Doesn't look too bad.

An inside peak. Cute!

Full view of the lining.

In order to finish the jacket I need to figure out the waistband thing. Help?. Sew the lining hole that I used to turn the jacket right side out, and finish the cuffs. It's mostly complete and not too shabby on my part, but it needs improvement before I show it to my son. I hope he likes it, too.

I know it's not going to be "perfect". There will be many errors on  my part, which I can live with. It makes the finished product more human, and gives me a chance to build up my sewing skills. Errors that no one will really ever notice just looking at it, as long they don't inspect it too much, I can handle those errors. But, when it is extremely noticeable, I have to fix it. I have to know how to fix it as well.

Fix the scrunchiness, make it smoother. Any information, help, advice, tips, strategies...?

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  1. Hi Jackie! Thanks for linking to this! First adorable jacket! The waistband is a little tricky, it's certainly a more advanced garment to put together but once you get it it comes together really nicely and you have a great outcome. Mine was a little bunchy when it was done but with the black on black you can barely see unless you look super close so I may not be the best person to walk you through this but, Andrea (the designer) is awesome and she is doing a sew-a-long on her blog coming up for the jacket so maybe that will help?