Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Week

Oh, how I love it when I have time off work. Also, how I love to go back to work, especially for the weekend. I know, it's weird. Who wants to work on a weekend? But, really, weekends at work are pretty cool. I get to spend most of my time doing what I want. There are only a few other people at work, not like the busy Monday through Friday workers/meetings/groups of people to contend with. It's quiet. It's still. I can watch cable t.v. (sometimes) because we don't have cable at home. I can get organized. I can get a lot more actual work done on the weekends I work than when I work during the week.

I took four days off so I could send my son off to school, and to use up some accrued time before the end of the year use it or lose it deadline. I am working two days, then I will be back to my short work week, so more time off. Yea!!

Enough about my work schedule, here's what I did this week:
  • Sent my son off the Kindergarten.
  • Enjoyed quiet house time. It was sooo nice!
  • Housework: Laundry, vacuum, dishes, lunches, dinners, swept and mopped dining room and kitchen. *gasp* We really should sweep and mop more often.
  • Spent one-on-one time with my girl. She missed out early on because she was the second born. We worked on counting, colors, shapes, the alphabet, and read books. She knows most of this stuff, but I really want to focus more on her learning now that I can spend more time with her alone.
  • Spent time working on a jacket for the boy. For the most part it is turning out...well...ummm...yeah...I just...I'm struggling with a part of it, and I am almost done with it.
  • Went to the grocery store.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. One on one time with one of my kids always fills me up and makes me so glad to know them. As for sewing a jacket, I'm TOTALLY impressed. I would never in a million years even attempt such a thing! :)

    1. I have gotten to a point where I can live with the results. It's a decent first attempt. My son likes it and that is really all that matters.