Monday, June 3, 2013

Good to be Home

Wow! I sure missed a bunch of blog posts while I was away. I mean, it was only four days but so much has happened in blogland. So, where did I go? The boy and me went to Texas to visit my twin. It's been about two years (?) since we have seen each other and spent any kind of quality time together. We had a good time visiting, shopping, wandering around, playing, and seeing a concert (George Strait on his Cowboy Rides Away Tour). Decent show. We didn't stay the whole time because the babysitter had to go home at some point.

My son really enjoyed spending time with his cousin. My son is not happy about coming back home and not being able to spend time with said cousin. He wants to go back to Texas.

Besides not being to play with his cousin, my son was a fairly decent travel companion. He got to fly on his first airplane, there were 4 total. He didn't complain about it taking too long, or waiting too long, or walking too much. He had plenty of stuff to keep himself occupied, and snacks to eat. He wasn't obnoxious or bothersome to the other passengers on the planes and was fine with sitting still for long periods of time. I think we might do more traveling together, aside from not being happy about leaving playmates behind. Poor kiddo.

It is nice to be home though. Seeing my girl. Playing with both kiddos. Checking on my pumpkin plants, which enjoyed the down pour of rain we got on Sunday. Even doing chores-grocery shopping, vacuuming, laundry, and dishes. Making lunches and dinner. Hearing my kids laugh. Making them a bubble bath and letting them eat a popsicle at the same time. Easy cleanup that way. The only non-enjoyable thing about the day, besides the kids being less than agreeable with each other, is my head hurting and pestering me. Nothing can destroy a good day or a good mood like a headache.

It is so good to be home.


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    1. We had a great time together, and I brought back a bunch of fabric. Once I finish my studio, I can get back to creating. :) Happy soggy Friday!