Thursday, June 20, 2013 not Tom Silva

Please tell me you know who Tom Silva is. Anyway, it's been a while since I posted about my studio construction, and I have an update. Yea!!!

Unrelated side note...when did being excited and saying "yea" change to "yay"? "Yay" is not correct. It's just not. And every time I see it I want to take a red pen and mark all over the offending persons post (as I see this online the most). It's "YEA" people! Yea.

Ok, back to my update...
My semi-coworker friend and his wife came over to the house to help put insulation in the ceiling and hang some paneling. Thanks Ryan and Anna!

And it looks great so far!
The insulation definitely helps with keeping the hot air out of the room. Such a nice improvement.
Ryan finished the long wall with no windows because it required cutting out for sockets and I didn't have the tool to do it. (I had hung three pieces prior because they didn't require cutting). Then, he came back on Saturday and finished the short wall by the door, and hung some more insulation as there was only a little bit left to do when we stopped working Friday night.

On Tuesday, my day off and kid daycare day, I did the window wall and the other short wall, all by myself. And it shows. I mean, it's not pretty, but it's not the worst. I am not Tom Silva, you know. But I do rank myself above what Lucy and Ethel would have done.

Here's how we rank:
Tom Silva (the best)
Me (not the greatest, but I could be useful on a work site)
Lucy and Ethel (well, you've seen their work on tv)

My measuring and cutting skills need improvement. I didn't ruin anything, so that's a win. A little caulk, some trim, and it will look even better.

I cleaned up the studio so I can seal the floor. I wiped down the walls to remove lots of dust from cutting, and swept the floor. I need to mop to remove the fine dust and spot clean some areas that need a little more help. There are some gray marks on the wall from using the circular saw and I am really hoping that a magic eraser will remove those marks.

Mostly clean! I had put down some plastic on the floor for protection from scraps from ladders, dust from cutting paneling, and from tracking in dirt from the outside. It looks so nice all cleaned up and wiped down. I plan on mopping the floor this weekend before sealing it, and caulking between the panels to help them blend in better.

Once I get that done I can move some things in and get my crafting and sewing on. I won't completely move in until the entire room is complete so I don't have to move too many things around to actually finish the studio.

And that's the update. I am looking forward to the actual construction completion so I can get to the decorating and organizing of the studio (my forte...much more so than construction).

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