Monday, April 1, 2013

Almost complete, plus Birthday and Easter

The end is near for the completion of the exterior of my studio, as well as the electrical stuff. It is beginning to look great and I couldn't be happier with the results. I love it and I can't wait to finish the interior and move in. I am so excited about that.

Here is a look at the progress so far...

Green shingles added to the roof. :) I would have liked metal roofing to match the existing building, but metal roofing is expensive and I am not made of money, nor do I have a money tree growing in the yard. At least it is green and not some other color where it would stand out even more. It doesn't look so bad.

The installation of siding has begun. I wanted to reuse the siding they took off of the existing exterior, now interior wall, to keep costs down and not fill up the landfill with perfectly good siding. Mainly, to help with cost. The two short sides got the repurposed siding so it would blend in with the existing structure. The new exterior wall got the brand new siding.

Windows were cut out and installed. New siding was added. It looks wonderful. It looks like it has always been there as well. I am just itching to get inside and get organized.

The road side siding is finished and blends in very well. Eventually, I will get around to actually cleaning the old siding so that the dirt doesn't stand out as much. The dirtier pieces of siding were at the bottom of the previous exterior wall and didn't receive much sunshine to dry out the mildew-y stuff. I'm sure the same thing will happen to the new siding, seeing as it faces a more northerly direction. But since it is mine, I will try my best to take care of it. I use that side for photo sessions with the kiddos. Although, I think I may change it to the road side of the building...? Something to think on.

Speaking of kiddos. My boy turned 5 years old last week. He is excited to go to big school. I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand what that actually means, for the both of us, but he had a great birthday at home and then a trip to see the grandparents for Easter, and his birthday activity...bowling. He's been waiting almost an entire year to go bowling. (He mentioned it shortly after his 4th birthday so I kept it tucked away in my mind). There was a ton of excitement going on this past weekend and I haven't recovered from all of it. Also, it is my long week of work so I won't get much rest anyway.

A construction birthday cake and birthday bowling activity, or more accurately "chucking" the bowling ball down the alley. Fun was had and that is all that matters.

Egg hunt and Easter Sunday outfits. My fast-growing-independent-mommy-lovin' kids. Love you.

Ok, back to the construction. Today my builder, or handy helper as I like to think of him, or Spider-man as my kids call him, will be installing sockets and switches, and lighting. I didn't think he was going to do that part until the final phase, so when he mentioned it I just went with it. I figured if he was going to be there anyway I might as well buy the pendant lights I wanted and have him install them. That part will be completed today. The only thing that will be left is finishing the interior. I think I will do that myself, with a little help, to save on labor expenses. Then, I can do it at my own pace (funding pace). Future medical expenses may be my Achilles heal on that. Good news on that front as well....the CT scan verified that I do have pneumonia, in both lungs, in the lower portions, and nothing else. Now, if I could actually get some rest I might be able to heal completely and quickly.

Hope your Easter was wonderful!


  1. It looks beautiful indeed! Loved the roof! Glad that you could do it in a cost effective way. It stands out from the rest of the same old roofs and looks classic. Shingle roofing at its best!

    1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I do love my "studio" and I am looking forward to finishing the interior, decorating, and getting it ready for projects. :)