Sunday, April 7, 2013


Some work I have been doing...

I bought insulation and began installing it. It wasn't too difficult and it didn't take very long to do as well. I started in the afternoon and after a couple of hours I had most of it done. After the kiddos went to bed I finished the rest of the wall studs.

Now, with the walls insulated, oh, and the rise above the the windows, I just have to wait until my semi-co-worker-helper has some free time to do the ceiling insulation, and start the paneling.

In the meantime, I was thinking about flooring. I can't really afford much and I didn't want to really do alot to it. Then, I remembered seeing painted cement floors on Pinterest. So, I went looking for some. See my sewing room ideas board for a few painted cement floors, as well as other ideas I found for my sewing/craft room. I liked a couple of the ideas I found so I decided on a color scheme and  layout.

The topcoat color will be a very light grey (Paint only has the grey color so you'll have to use your imagination a little). I like the bight blue color and I think it will go well with my red pendant lights and white walls and ceiling. I chose white to brighten things up a little, of course, and a darker grey for depth. I think I will go with the top configuration. I like the randomness of it. The bottom one is also an option but I couldn't find a stripe configuration that I liked. So random colored squares it is! Hope I like it.

On Monday I can clean the floor and prep it for paint, then over the weekend I can put on the first and maybe second coat of paint. Then I have to wait about 7 days for the paint to cure. After that I will start buying ceiling insulation and paneling.

Once the inside is absolutely completed I can paint the squares. Well, I guess that all depends on when I can get my co-worker to help me. I might be able to finish the floor then finish the walls and ceiling.

Finally, the most important part---moving in, organizing and decorating!

Waiting is not easy to do.


  1. I haven't kept up with my blog reading but I read back and saw all the work you have done on your studio. I really like the floor painting idea!

  2. Thanks! :) The only thing really holding me back is my impatience. Waiting for paint to dry and cure is going to be time consuming.

  3. Your studio looks great so far! I love the red pendant lights, and you are right, they really will look clean and crisp with your white walls and ceiling. Before you finish the ceiling you might want to consider some additional lights. I found that you cannot have too much light!

    1. I agree Terry. I think I am going to use lamps for additional lighting. I like rearranging things so moveable light is a must.

  4. How exciting! I would love to see the floors after you've painted them. I bet they are stunning!

    1. Thanks. I am getting there. I applied the secong topcoat this morning, so I am getting closer.