Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Electrical work has been completed. I now have my outdoor light, and interior lighting. The outdoor light was a compromise between me and my hubs. He wanted a motion sensitive light and I wanted something simple and cute. My original light was about $10. He wanted one of those two-headed, industrial motion lights...ugly. We both got what we wanted, and I love the outdoor light. Apparently I need to get a better photo of it. I'll have to remember that when I get around to completing the interior.

The interior lights are awesome. I love 'em. I'll probably love 'em even more when the inside is finished and the walls are a clean white instead of plywood brown. The idea for the pendant lights came from another blog website: Shannon Berrey Design. She had seen some cute lighting at Lowe's and posted some photos from her cell phone. The next trip I made to Lowe's, I searched out these pendant lights. I wanted to see them in person. And they were adorable. They come in black and red. Or as Shannon suggested, you can repaint them any color you want. I left mine red. It was a hard decision though. Black would have looked great as well, with white walls, it would have made the room feel clean...I can't explain it right now. I think the red will do the same, but in a different way. The color will give it a more whimsical and fun feel that I wouldn't necessarily get from the black.

Their size is perfect for the space of the room as well. The room is not so big that they shrink into the space, and the lights are not too big that they are overwhelming. The scale is perfect.

The next goal is insulation and finishing the walls and ceiling. Then, on to the fun part...decorating, setting up, and organizing.

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