Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Random Kid Moments: #2

I think my kids are funny. They certainly have an interesting take on life.

I took the kids with me to look for a certain color of thread that I needed to hem some pants for someone. I had to go to three different fabric stores to find a color close enough. At the third store I bought a pack of twizzlers to share for the ride home as it was getting closer to lunch time. The boy was holding the package and while I was getting the girl settled into her car seat he says, "Mommy, can I have my low fat snack now?"
I just giggle at him. He says, "What? That's what it says on the package." It sure does Buddy, and yes you can have your low fat snack. Ha. My little reader.

One evening the kids were asking about what we were going to do the next day and if we were going anywhere. My hubs was planning on going on an all day trip to go look in a storage unit and visit his parents. The kids love visiting the grandparents. The girl ended up going along for the trip without either one knowing what was going on that day, otherwise they would both go, and only one could go, and there would be tears. We tried to not answer the question about what we were doing the next day. He asked again if were were going anywhere so I used the expression, "To the moon!" The boy got excited and said. "Really?!" By the next day I had forgotten all about it, but by mid-day the boy and I are on our way to do some window shopping and he says, "Mommy, when are we going to the moon today?" Ummm... 

Oh, silly kid.

The girl has picked up an interesting way of saying some words, mostly with a very southern accent. I'm pretty sure she gets that from daycare. So for entertainment I was asking her to say some words. Say yellow. Yellow. Say water. Water. Then the hubs wanted in on the action. Say wha-ter. Whater. What do we drink from the sink? Water. He was trying to get her to day wha-ter again. What do we go swimming in? Pools. What's in the ocean? Whales. Lol. Good try sweetie. She is just too smart.

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