Sunday, June 15, 2014

End of Year Fun: Kindergarten Edition

New beginnings are now ending and I am left once again wondering where the time went. 

First up, another season of baseball ended (end of May). The boy did well this year. 

If he plays in the fall he gets to move up to the next level, coach pitch, where they keep score and play outs and not everyone gets to play on the field at the same time. I think that would be a good experience for him. To learn that you don't win all the time, that there are losers and you just might be the loser, but you keep practicing, keep trying, and keep playing. Never give up, never surrender!

He got a game ball on the last game his team played.

After his closing ceremonies we went to the zoo with his Sunday school class. The tee ball groups got medals this year. I promise he is happy even if the photos don't show it.

                                                                        hi giraffe!

I have no idea what they are doing in the first photo, but I love that they are holding hands and having fun. Never has there been a happier girl with a bubble machine than this one. Ha! :)

The next week school ended. He has finished kindergarten. We walked to school on the last day (right photo), just like we did on the first day (left photo). He ended up wearing the same outfit on the last day just like on the first day as well.

I enjoyed spending part of the morning with his class. They sang a song with hand movements, they read a short story that they wrote about their classmates, got awards, and had ice cream.

My Rockin' Reader! I love his face. He doesn't really like attention like this. He's not a performer. I asked him why he didn't smile and he told me it was because he didn't know the names of the people watching him (the audience of parents). I told him he didn't need to know the names they were just the audience. Ha! He's so cute. All of the kindergartners got a certificate of completion.

I made a photo book for his teacher and it arrived on the second to last day of school. Phew, it was a close call. I wasn't sure it was going to get here in time. 

I put all of the photos from field day into my shutterfly account and ordered some prints for the kids, which they got earlier that week. I tried to make sure I got at least a couple of photos of each kid to take home with them.

Shutterfly had a page to add into books for autographs, so I added a couple of those pages to hopefully get the students to write their names in the book for her. I made my way around the room while they were eating ice cream and tried to get to as many kids as possible, but they kept moving around and some parents took some home early so I know I missed a few.

At the end of the book I put my son's first day of school photos, which you can sort of see on the right, and some others of him at school with some commentary about his first day, and a note of appreciation for his teacher. He will have her again next year for first grade, but I thought this would be a good idea.

How was your first day of school? "Mommy, I LOVED it!"

When we got home we looked through his bag to find his report card. The boy has destroyed kindergarten! In the fourth quarter there were 51 areas on which he was graded. The kid got scores of 3's in all 51 areas! My guess is that it would be equivalent to getting straight A's if they gave out letter grades instead of number grades. His reading and math teacher left a sweet comment as well on the report card. He made it to a level 5 reading level in his first year of school. It goes up to level 12, which they have to reach by the end of second grade. So in his first year of school he is firmly, and roughly, half way through first grade. Crazy! We are doing the summer reading program with the public library so he will keep up his reading skills and hopefully move up more levels next year.

It'll be fun to see how much he has grown at the end of next school year compared to the school sign out front, and in the years to come when he graduates from high school and grows into the XL shirt.

His average growth per year is three inches, I think he grew almost four inches, or more, this year.

Also, one thing that I did have his two main teachers do for him was write a note in the Dr. Seuss book Oh, the places you'll go!. It's a surprise. shhh. I will give him the book when he graduates high school and it will have little notes from all of his teachers through the years. Fun!

We are engrossed in summer vacation right now and even though school has barely finished, it is all going by so fast.

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