Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Savannah trip #2

My hard-working husband had been wanting a break from work for a while, but things at work kept preventing him/us from taking said break. We both needed some time away from everything. We sent the kiddos up north to visit the grandparents for a long weekend and we headed south for a mini, adult only vacation. Off to Savannah, Ga. we went! Also, this would coincide with our planned date night for the month of April. Win, win! I know, it has taken me this long to finish this post. Slacker.

We had a great time, despite the weather. It was cold, and rainy with the promise of warming up after we left. Naturally.

We did a lot of walking, sightseeing, and visiting some places we enjoyed the first time around. 

This time we made it to the Tybee Island lighthouse. Man, that thing is hard to find. I had never been in a lighthouse before. I had seen a small one once at the beach, but have never visited one, despite having grown up in NC where lighthouses abundantly exist on the outer banks, and I've never been there. It's on my list of things to do and see when we take the kids on vacation with us, one day. 

The lighthouse complex has several houses you can visit and take a look inside. This residence was for the family and we got a peek at what life was like in the early 20th century on Tybee Island.

Be still, my heart - a singer treadle sewing machine. Of course there would be one in the house. I couldn't get great photos of it because of the light coming through the window it sat in front of, but I love it!

Quilts throughout the house:

These toys would be of interest to my kids:

Across the street is another museum that you can walk around in with the admission to the lighthouse. So we headed over there to see what we could see.

We learned about the history of Tybee Island and Savannah.

I loved the history of the island in its heyday. I think my kids would have enjoyed the pavilion even back then. 

It's so colorful and I love that they had photos of the carnival rides as well as some of the actual pieces!

Aww, this poor clown. Why is he so sad?

Some more fun rides.

There was also history about the girl scouts, since the founder was from that area.

Tybee Island was a nice visit. We enjoyed it.

In Savannah, we did some sightseeing, shopping, and window shopping. I discovered a couple more antique sewing machines in two other shops.

This one was in a thrift store full of neat treasures. This singer is electrified. I took a peek underneath the body and I don't think everything was there that would be needed to make it work. I think it would make a cute decorative piece for my studio. I ended up leaving it in the store, but I did have an interesting conversation with a man whose daughter had a treadle sewing machine that she may or may not have been wanting to part with. In the end, he determined she would probably never get rid of it.

This featherweight was in an antique store on the riverfront. I couldn't inspect it much as it was behind glass in a locked cabinet.

Savannah is a great place to visit. One day we will have to take the kids with us. I think they would enjoy it, as there is so much to do, walk along the riverfront, watch the cargo ships pass by, parks to play in, and of course the candy stores where you can see them make taffy.

It was nice to not have a schedule, to not have to get up early, to not be awakened by kid noise, or barking dogs, or a whiny cat that wants to be fed.

We enjoyed our little break from life and parenting and most of all got to enjoy just being alone together. We'll have to do it again soon.

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  1. Hey! We just got back from Savannah yesterday! My family lives there and we visit often. We love the beach at Tybee and I've climbed all those stairs to the top of the lighthouse more than once. I hope you got some ice cream at Leopold's!