Thursday, February 28, 2013

All About Boy

Have you seen the Celebrate The Boy series' by Dana and Rae? Currently their home pages have boy projects. The links in the names go to their archived series', which I'm sure they will add the most current stuff later.

Boy, Oh Boy!! The most adorable stuff and ideas for a boy are all together on their pages. And perfect timing, too. I've been working on projects for a lady at church who recently had a baby boy and I wanted to make some stuff for him.

The round-up:

Here's a closer look:


Baby boots-Pattern from ithinksew (not free). Stuffed dinosaur from here (free). Burp cloths made using Dana's tutorial.
Diaper cover and shorts.
(Used Dana's patterns and tutorials: see her website:
I would have  made matching onesies with appliques to go with these items but I couldn't find any plain white onesies at the store. I'll keep looking though. Aren't the whales and airplanes cute?
Pajama pants for my boy. Used Dana's KID Pants pattern and tutorial for these.
There's that dinosaur fabric again. The super heroes on the right were a refashion, made from Men's pajama bottoms to fit my son. He love, love, loves them.


We can't forget this outfit I made for my boy back in August 2012. I used Dana's pants pattern for this outfit. To see what I used for the vest and hat check out my post here.

Don't forget to check out the Flickr group as well to see what others are making for their boys using Dana and Rae's ideas.

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