Friday, March 15, 2013

Diagnosis Part 2

So, in the last post I mentioned I wasn't feeling well and my photography skills were being diminished...remember? Anyway. I had made an appointment to go back to the doctor just to check things out so that I wouldn't end up with pneumonia again.

Despite the fact that I...

- had been out of work from Wednesday till the next Tuesday. Yep, seven whole days off
- went to an exhaustive and physical work training session, passed the tests and requalified (wasn't the greatest score, but I passed)
-and worked my regular day for the week

It wasn't enough. Well, the training and work days sure didn't help. But I went to see the PA who has been familiar with me, since I rarely actually ever go to the doctor so I must be very ill to do so. Based on my symptoms and recent history of pneumonia, we decided to do chest x-rays again. X-rays revealed that I, once again, had acquired pneumonia. Really?...really. This time I will also get a chest CT scan done. Next week. It wasn't approved the first time I had pneumonia, but hopefully the insurance company will approve it this go round since it is recurring.

In other health news: a close friend of mine's little baby girl is in the hospital with RSV. Sending them hugs and prayers.

Some good news: my builder was able to get zone approval and permits for my sewing/craft studio space. Construction should start next week.

Hoping for quick healing. The weather is getting warmer and I want to do stuff outside again. And so that my son's t-ball games aren't so cold. It seems the weather has been uncooperative when it is his teams turn to play.

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