Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bathing Suit Pattern Tester: Bahama Mama

Yep, you read that right. 

To be chosen as a pattern tester is astonishing to say the least, but to then have the pattern be for a bathing suit? What was I thinking, right? Swimsuit the suit? Never done that before....Crazy!

I was sort of thinking that I wouldn't be chosen, because I have entered tests before and hadn't gotten picked, so I just kind of put it out of my mind and went on with my day. Lo and behold I checked my email the next morning and discovered that I was indeed chosen as a pattern tester! Shock and amazement all around!! Oh, I wanted to share it with everybody. But I had work to do.

The pattern is the Bahama Mama color block tankini and boy shorts from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop. I tested the xxs size. (Stop hating. I'm naturally thin, and don't work at it. We are all beautiful and different. The way we are supposed to be.) I'm even in the lineup for photos on the website under each pattern. I'm famous, y'all! :) Not really, but I do feel a little bit special.

I went to Hancock Fabrics to get the swimsuit material because it was close to where I was working that day, and JoAnn's didn't have anything for adults.

never did use the nude for the lining, I used black instead.

I wasn't thrilled with the fabric I chose, but it wasn't for a kid, and the pattern reminded me of water so I bought it.

Then, I got to work cutting out the pattern, and the fabric, and getting everything ready for sewing.

all the pieces!

I used my serger for most of this project. I had never really done that before. I had zero issues with using the serger to sew swimsuit fabric.

I loved how it came together. I love that it is something for me since I sew so much for the kids. I loved the print even more as the project went along.

The final awesome bathing suit that I made...for me!

I had my son take the photos since I couldn't find a friend who had a half hour to help me on the one nice day we were going to have the week I needed to do photos. 

He did a pretty good job with little direction from me. The ladies in the test group were impressed and said that their husbands could use some lessons (especially if my hubs had been the one behind the camera). Way to go, Son!
yes, I have an outie. :)
great coverage

I love the fit of this suit and the pattern was easy to follow. Never sewed with swim fabric? No worries. I hadn't either, really. I had no issues at all with my fabric and my machines. Everything went very smoothly.

My husband thought I did a good job on this project, but did say that it didn't show enough skin. Heehee. Sorry, sweetie.

If I ever get a chance to make myself another suit, I think I will go up a size in the top to make it easier to put on and take off. It's like you almost have to be a contortionist to get in to and out of those things.

The bottoms are fully lined. The top is lined as well, and has a shelf bra. My swim fabric was a nice quality (thick/dark) so I probably could have left out the lining and just used the shelf bra. I might do that next time as well. And maybe lengthen the shorts a bit. I am just long all over and a bit more coverage would be ok with me. The suit was very comfortable to wear and walk around in. No riding up or plumbers cleavage. 

If you are looking for a great bathing suit pattern, this is it! Sizes range from xxs-xxxl. You can mix and match your sizes to get the best fit for you.

Sew yourself a suit! You won't regret it. Promise.

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