Saturday, May 2, 2015

Random Kid Moments #6

They busy-ness of life is in full effect. Lots of projects going on, school finishing up with lots going on there as well. Summer is approaching quickly, with lots to do as well. All in good fun though. I have more to share with you with what I have been sewing and creating. I will share as soon as possible.

For now, I will leave you with these tidbits from my munchkins...

Only hearing pieces of a conversation between my kids...
Girl: ...and it doesn't have makeup anymore. I'm too pretty for makeup.
Girl: What? That's what Daddy says!
Me: I know, Honey. He's not wrong. :)


She also said the other day on the way home from church that she felt like she was going to be married. Hmm. Apparently she will marry one of the kids from daycare who is five years old. Lately she has also been saying that she wants to have two babies growing in her tummy. Twins. Both girl babies, and that she is going to stay home with them. 


The boy is learning a difficult lesson about making choices. We have been unhappy with some of his behavior at school. He got yet another note sent home, this time about having a difficult time talking and playing. I told him he was free to make any choice that he wants, but that he was not free from the consequences of that choice. He is not happy about his consequences at the moment. Hopefully it will be a lesson learned. 


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