Monday, April 28, 2014

She Turned 4

My spunky girl turned 4 years old over the weekend. It was a busy day, but I am sure she had a good time.

The day before her birthday I took her outside for a photo shoot.

Gosh, she is getting big. Slow down.

While I was taking her picture, her brother came outside to play, and while I did know he was outside I didn't know that he was not wearing a shirt. I was surprised when I turned around and saw him like this:

Have you met my male model?

His eyes get me every time. Smoldering. Cute. He's just adorable. And so skinny. Cracks me up. He's definitely got his parents' build, when we were younger of course, but according to my mother-in-law the hubs wasn't quite that skinny at that age. He gets that from me.

Back away girls! He's got to study!

Back to the girl...
So I made her cake in her favorite colors, and decorated the dark.

The balloons didn't stay attached like I had hoped so I was glad to have this photo to show how it would have looked if the wind was calmer. Pretty neat.

The next morning my girl awoke as a new four year old.

When the candles were lit on her cake, she said her stars were glowing.

We had a big day filled with friends and family to celebrate the day she came into our lives as our baby girl.

Happy Birthday Punky!

And not to be forgotten, but today is my hubs' birthday. Poor guy, he kinda gets lost in the kids' celebrations since they are all within one month of each other. Happy Birthday Sweets! Love you.

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