Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Things My Kids Say

Kids are funny creatures. As soon as you think you have them figured out they throw you a curve ball. And then start growing up and you start the think to yourself, "Did he/she get taller overnight?" "When did he/she learn this?" "What happened to my little child and where did this big kid come from?" 

Seriously kids, stop growing! 
Part of this may be brought on by their spring birthdays and knowing that they are turning another year older. Where did the time go? 

I've always said that the more you add to life the faster the time goes by. 

It's true. 

College went by fast with the help of 2-3 jobs, one thing ends and another begins, and then you get engaged, plan a wedding, get married, and life changes again. You find your "forever" job and time goes by all too fast. A couple years later you add one kid, then after a couple more years you add another one. Then, they really start changing and growing quickly, and before you know it you have one in Kindergarten and another who is a preschooler and no longer a toddler. And when did he/she get so tall?

Anyway, back to the things my kids say. I came home from work earlier this week and this is how my children greeted me:
Boy: Hi, Mommy!  :) (aww, hi sweetie.)
Girl: Did you shoot any bad guys at work today? :/ (uh, we need to have another conversation about what it is I do all day.)

The answer to her question is no, I didn't shoot any bad guys, or anyone for that matter, at work, in case you were curious.


Well, this ended up being a way longer post than I had intended. Have a great rest of the week and weekend. And Happy Easter!

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