Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Summer Shorts and Shirts

I've been working on new things for my girl to wear, not that she needs clothes. She's got plenty, just waiting for the weather to turn warmer so she can wear them.

So when I have adorable fabric and combine it with ideas from Pinterest, I just gotta make something. I made a couple of outfits that are a summer staple: Shorts, and shirts.

I had made my son son whale shorts that he loved. They were adorable.

I wanted to make some for my girl and found some super cute and girly whale fabric. I'm pretty sure we have a pink shirt to match it. If I have more than one I may put an applique on it to go with the shorts for a complete outfit.

Next, a shorts and tank outfit.

This fabric came from one of Hancock's spot the bolt sale. It was $3 a yard and I bought what was left on the bolt. Gotta love 70% off!

I'm not sure of the name of the fabric, but it has little white flowers with a black center on a nice red background. I've been calling it the Poppy outfit, even though the flowers don't look like poppies.

I constructed a tank for the girl who has been asking for one to wear (it's a little big/wide on her). I used bias tape around the neckline, arm holes, and as the straps. I also made her matching racer shorts. Aww, fun.
I love it.

Next, a shorts and peasant top outfit. This one is just adorable!

I LOVE this outfit! It is just so stinking cute!

I made a peasant top and matching hair bow. I added a little color blocking to the top by adding some bright blue fabric to the upper part of the shirt on the front and back.

For the shorts, I was adoring the bubble/cuff/banded leg shorts I had seen on Pinterest. I figured this would be a great way to add more color to the outfit. I also figured out how to do interior pockets and used the blue for that as well. So fun!

Oh My Gosh...Stop the Cuteness.
I mean...just look!

She looks ready to play and have some fun. Still waiting on the warm weather. I love it!

Handy pockets.

Cute pops of color. You can kind of see how the shorts gather at the blue band and bubble around the rest of the leg. Next time, I think I will use the next size up. The shorts would be wider so when they get gathered and the band put around them the bubble will be more noticeable.

I used Dana's KID shorts pattern to make these using the 4T size. My girl has such short legs that I still ended up cutting 1-1.5 inches off the length so they would be the right length on the regular shorts, the racer shorts worked out well. 

Seriously, where did she learn to do this? She is just so funny and cute!

I love sewing things for a girl, but I do have a couple of projects in the works for the boy. There is one in particular that I can not wait to share. It's just shorts, but just wait till you see them. I love the fabric I am using, so stay tuned.

Pattern for a peasant dress, which I used to make the top, can be found here

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