Friday, December 13, 2013

Busy-ness ensues...My Week

I am still deep in Christmas sewing projects. 
The end may be in sight, maybe. 
I finished three outfits, fixing one of them. 

I've got four dresses cut out...they will eventually become two dresses and reversible, so still four dresses. 

I've got ties and bow ties cut out. 

I'm still working on the baby doll baskets, two of them. At least one of those needs to be completed before the week of Christmas. And I think I need more fabric to make the handles. :/ Didn't think everything through completely.

I did wrap my kids' presents on my day off. I figured I could wrap 
the kid cousin presents in their sight...they might even help.

I've got Christmas crafts prepped, if we have time to get to them.

I've bought some stuff for Christmas baking, hoping we have time.

Things we did do recently:
Christmas parade. 

Christmas photos.

Work holiday gathering.

Calendar photos and Christmas cards ordered.

Little Bethlehem, which my girl calls "Jesus Live". Ha! She was all excited to see baby Jesus in the stable. When she looked in the manger and realized he wasn't a real baby, the look of confusion on her face was priceless. Poor thing.

Reading our Christmas advent books. We get to the end of one of them about Santa Claus and his new suit when my daughter gets an epiphany. "Santa can bring us presents?!" I sort of saw her mind working in that she was thinking she should have asked the Mall Santa for more than a toy Christmas tree, or whatever she did ask him for. She did change it from a candelabra. We have neither confirmed nor denied that Santa can bring presents.

At bedtime she said she was going to ask Santa to bring baby Jesus a toy rattle for Christmas. A Christmas tree, noisy rattle. ♥ 

I got my Black Friday fabric from Joann's in the mail yesterday. Cute!

I've got projects planned that I can do at work (Shh!, no telling) over the weekend since I won't be at home sewing.

And on the way into work this morning I hear the Kenny Chesney song "All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan"...that would be totally awesome right about now as it is cold, and I could use a break, a nap, some quiet time, some relaxing time, I could use everything in the song. *whine, whine, whine, complain, whine* 

I am almost there though, well, except for the part about being on a warm vacation, but the slow down time is coming so I can enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

Back to work-work for me. Have a great weekend!


  1. Your kids in the Christmas photos are ADORABLE! Merry Christmas!

    1. *grin* thanks. Stay tuned, I've got a couple of good ones I am saving.