Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In time for the Fourth

I know, it's not the Fourth of July, but I completed some projects for the kids for Independence Day. This will be the first actual projects I have made in my "workable" studio.

And I added something else to my studio. My Ironing station! It used to be...well...I don't know what it was originally used for, but for me it has been used for storage, a desk, and a baby changing station with storage for blankets and other stuff. Now, it will be my ironing station. I added chunky casters for easy moving (the original ones were tiny and rusty and only had three when I acquired it in grad school). I love it!

My project: Racer shorts for the kiddos.

I bought Dana's KID Shorts pattern (www.danamadeit.com for $6=a great price). I have used her free KID pants pattern for shorts in other projects and it works great for shorts, but what I love about the shorts pattern is that is comes in sizes 12 months to size 10. Lots of size options! (I kinda wanna see how it does with pants; just extend the pattern for the length I need...hmmm.)

While I was putting fabric away in the ironing station, I found this red, white, and blue stripy fabric that I bought (not sure where, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics, wherever I got it it was in the scrap bins) to make the kids something for the Fourth of July. Perfect timing because the Fourth was quickly approaching. Since I had recently purchased the KID Shorts pattern, and had fabric, it was the perfect project.

I love having my own space now. I love working on the floor for sewing things because it's like a big ole flat table, but without taking up floor space. And I can move around without obstacles, like corners, in the way. If I have to leave to go to the house for whatever reason, like cook dinner, I don't have to clean up. Bonus!

Here's the finished product: Racer Shorts, and a skirt

I was able to fit shorts for both kids on one scrap fabric bundle. I had purchased both scrap fabric bundles to make sure I had enough for whatever I wanted to make. I used the second one for a skirt for the girl. With some scraps left over from the first bundle I cut out some butterflies and appliqued them to a plain white shirt for more interest and decoration. We have options for the shorts and skirt, plain or butterfly shirt. Mix and match.

Their Fourth wear! Adorable.


Group pic (well, minus the hubs...he took the photo).

I'm a butterfly...
I'm a princess....
I'm frolicking through a meadow....
I'm just being silly because I'm not wearing any shoes and walking through the grass...
I don't actually know what she was doing but it was a cute shot. Silly girl.

I used the size 6 pattern for the boy because he has long legs and a long torso and needs the extra room to fit him. He might even be able to wear them next year, I tried to build in some room when I was sewing them and left some extra elastic just in case I need to let them out later.
I used the 4T pattern for the girl. She wears a 3T, but I also wanted her to be able to wear the shorts again next year (which is why they look so long on her now. It doesn't help that she has short legs.) so I made them a size bigger and left some extra elastic on the end to adjust the waist if I need to next year.
I loved using Dana's KID Shorts pattern. It's easy to assemble the necessary sheets of paper to create the size you need to work with. She provides many different ways to construct shorts for a boy or girl; racer or regular shorts, flat front or elastic all the way around, and pockets. Her tutorials are also fun and colorful, and easy to follow. She has great photos to accompany her tutorials as well. Conclusion: great pattern, love Dana's stuff, and her website.
The end.


  1. I'm so impressed with your awesome abilities to sew clothes. I fear clothes! :) And your kids are too stinkin' adorable!

    1. The kiddos are also a handful, but I love 'em. Thank you. I kinda fear sewing quilts. I haven't done it yet, but one day I want to do that...when the kids decide they don't want things made by me anymore. I didn't know enough about sewing to be scared of clothes when I started, and Dana, over at MADE, made it look so easy. :)