Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Magic Unicorns Sorbet

I've been working on a couple of projects and I have one ready to post, finally!

Look at this fun fabric by Michael Miller called Magic Unicorns Sorbet. It's bright. It's girly. It's perfect for my daughter who loves pink and purple.

I decided to make her some summer pajamas from this yard of fabric. I made a pillowcase top and matching shorts using the KID Shorts pattern (link goes to her tutorials page) by Dana from MADE.

This time I used the regular shorts pattern without the flat front. I still used the 4T pattern for her, like I did for her other shorts, but I used the 3T length instead of the 4T length, since she has short legs.

Once everything was cut and serged, I sewed all the pieces together.


The original top was a little too wide for her. She was sleeping when I finished everything so I couldn't try it on her beforehand.

No problem. I just removed a few stitches, pulled the elastic a little more (I used elastic in the casing because I don't want the ribbon to run all the way through the top so she doesn't pull the whole thing out, and I kind of like the look of it better. Keeps everything gathered nicer.), and put it back together. I'm not overjoyed with having loose strings on pajamas, but I haven't quite decided how to remedy that.

She won't fully wear it until I remove that hazard.
But she sure does look cute!

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