Monday, February 4, 2013

Projects with Photos...WooHoo!!

So, I got down to business this morning and put together the photos of my projects I have completed recently.


3 toddler backpacks, three pairs of pajama pants, and 1 butterfly wall hanging. (Some of the butterflies are turned the wrong way, but it looks super cute on my girl's bedroom wall.) My son loves his pajama pants. The first pair are super heroes. My hubs has a pair that he wears to bed and our son wanted a pair. I bought a men's small, which were on clearance, and used the existing legs to make my son his very own. He was so happy. He also loves the dinosaurs and the Superman ones as well. I made the super heroes pants a little longer so he would have a better chance of wearing them longer as well.

The ruffled pants I made to go with last years Pillowcase dress. Super adorable on her.

The latest creation: Cowgirl outfit

Cute boot applique with a Market skirt. The boot pic came from a web search (google or yahoo) for appliques and I selected this one from a variety of pictures scaled to the dimension I needed. I used Heat n Bond to attach the image to the shirt, and the black accent pieces to the boot, used a scrap piece of white fabric on the inside so that I could use a tight zig-zag stitch to attach the applique to the shirt more securely.

Ahh! The last photo is just too cute. Stop the cuteness!

We don't have cowgirl boots to go with the outfit. She only has brown boots, and these were the only black shoes she has.

Still works.

To find patterns and tutorials for the pants (no ruffles, those were added by me), and the Market skirt check out and search for kids pants and Market skirt in the tutorials section. Dana is awesome.

The Toddler Backpack pattern came from a library book:

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew: 20 Classic Accessories and Toys for Children

by Liesl Gibson, Dan Andreasen (Illustrator), Laurie Frankel (Photographer)

The butterflies were cut out by hand using a web searched image.

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