Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nothing New

I don't have any projects to share. I have started a couple, thought about a few, added to my want-to-do list, stuff like that. Mostly I've been thinking, because that is the only thing that I have had the energy to do.

It's cold and flu season you know. So, I have been just not feeling well for a while and haven't had the energy to really do anything about the extra projects I was hoping to do for the fall, and Christmas is around the corner. All of those Thanksgiving Pinterest ideas I have on my board, not happening. There really weren't that many, but still. I feel bad about not doing something fun with the kids.

Also, it just doesn't feel like I have had time to adequately plan for projects, even though my work schedule hasn't changed. Time has not been my friend, and that's ok, I get the same amount of time as everyone else it's up to me to decide what I do with it.

So, I maybe MIA for a bit while I catch up on some rest, recover from whatever my body is fighting off, house cleaning, child caring, holiday prepping, present wrapping, and of course working.

See you then.

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