Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

I made my kids some outfits to wear for fun. Halloween was the perfect holiday to do a photo shoot with this idea I had come up with.

I present...
My Pumpkin thieves:

The Pumpkin Gang


I made them tiny jailbird outfits, to "pretend steal" pumpkins. They had such a great time pretending.

For the boy I did a v-neck shirt and basic pants. For the girl I did a shirt with a smaller "v", leggings, and a circle skirt. I used knit fabric because I couldn't find black and white striped fabric in quilting cotton. I had them wear solid colored long sleeve shirts under the shirts I made so they wouldn't get too cold. It had been a little chilly and windy in the few days beforehand. Halloween turned out to be warm enough to not wear jackets, though, and the sun came out.
I bought the fabric after Halloween last year and bought four yards, which was more than plenty to make these. I have quite a bit left over. My boy likes the fabric because it is soft on his skin. He asked if they were going to be pajamas.
They were mostly agreeable while I was taking pictures of them.
Her face is too funny!
Caught ya!

Non-color photos turned out well, too.


They didn't go trick-or-treating in these outfits. I bought them costumes last year on clearance.
The boy started out as Thomas. The girl was a pink dinosaur. Too cute!
 For trick-or-treating the boy decided to be Spider-man instead. I got the girl to wear the head piece of her dinosaur by telling her is was required for getting candy, and it was getting cooler and windy and it would help her not get cold. She left it on while we collected candy.
I did take them to a trunk-or-treat, and to a few houses nearby, which was a first for us. I hadn't taken them door to door on Halloween before. I couldn't get them to say trick-or-treat but I got the girl to say thank you a couple of times. We had a good time and enjoyed the day.
Now that my kiddos are getting bigger (waahh!), I'm finding it very fun to do some of these things with them. I love seeing them have new experiences and to enjoy childhood activities that I did when I was their age.
Now that Halloween is over, it is time to move on to the next holiday activities. The time just goes by so quickly. Slow down!

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