Friday, November 2, 2012

Circle Skirt: Blue with White Polka Dots

So, I find cute ideas online, whether through blogs I follow or Pinterest, and I desperately want to try them all. As soon as I see them. Delaying gratification can be hard, especially since I have a job and find these cute ideas while I am at work.
But when I do find some time to do a sewing project I rather enjoy it. I love seeing the outcome and having it match how I thought it would in my head.
My girl loves to wear skirts. She pulls the ones she has out of the drawer and puts them right on. Never mind that she is already wearing clothes. The skirt goes on anyway. Or it goes under her nightgown and I just let her sleep that way. No need to move her unnecessarily and risk waking her.
She only had a couple of skirts that she could put on by herself, because she is all about "I do it self", and I figured she needed more to wear. So I got busy.
I made her a circle skirt. I had seen this fabric at the Wal-Mart when we went to the beach and knew it would be perfect for a circle skirt.
A great tutorial for the circle skirt can be found here. Dana over at MADE has done all of the hard work for you as far as figuring out how to draft a pattern and how to do the measurements. She says she enjoys making circle skirt because they are easy and her favorite way to whip up a quick skirt.
While they are simple, I think I prefer the simple skirt method myself. But I do need to practice the circle skirt method and improve my sewing abilities. I'm not real happy with sewing of the elastic waistband. My stitches aren't exactly pretty, or even, but that comes with practice. And as long as the same color thread is being used no one will notice or care. But I notice it. I can overlook mistakes that I think no one will see, but not with the circle skirt. I know, it's weird.
I paired the skirt with a simple white t-shirt that has a flower embellishment on the front, and some striped leggings. I'm not the greatest at putting together an outfit that has a mixture of patterns. It doesn't always turn out well for me. This time I think it did.
Of course my girl has to make her own fashion statement by wearing dark red shoes. I think it pulls it all together so it is not all matchy-matchy. It adds an element of fun. And she likes shoes. Especially ones she can put on herself. I wasn't going to argue with her, picking my battles and all.

When I was photographing her for this post she came up with some interesting arm movements. I put the photos together so it looks like she is doing some kind of arm dance. Maybe she was, in her own little world.
Or maybe she is directing a plane for a landing? Tai chi? I don't know.
And then she moved onto jumping, which is a perfect thing to do in a circle skirt. You can see how it moves and she is getting really good at jumping. My little jumping monkey.
One little monkey jumping on the bed...
I was finally able to get her to do some twists and twirls. It shows off the movement of the skirt better than arm dancing. 
I think, maybe, for the next one I will use a slightly heavier cotton fabric. This fabric is lightweight so it didn't have the flowiness and sway I was hoping for. Maybe something in a medium weight, like corduroy? Or just make the skirt a little bit bigger in the waist so that when the elastic gathers it together it will have more bounce? We shall see.
Until then, I know she will enjoy playing in this skirt and dressing up all by herself.

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