Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Skirts

My daughter needed some more skirts to wear. She likes how easy they are to put on and take off. She would prefer to wear them over anything else in her closet. I found some cute fabric at Wal-mart, Joann's, and Hancock Fabrics to make her some skirts perfect for the Fall season.

I made her a couple of Simple skirts, a circle skirt, some apron skirts, and a bubble skirt. It was fun trying and figuring out new methods of skirt making. I am happy with the results of all the skirts and want to make more for her. The problem is she has so many clothes already for the Fall and I have other projects I want to make for her for the Fall, so does she still need more? Absolutely.

Fall Skirt rundown:

I loved this pumpkin outline fabric I found at Joann's. I found some matching solid fabric at Wal-mart to use as the apron. The apron ended up being shorter than I had originally planned, but the skirt was also a little longer when I cut the fabric. There's room for growth at least. It'll work and it's perfect for Thanksgiving.

The aprons of some skirts ended up being the main part of another skirt. I loved being able to mix and match the colors and patterns to achieve a cute look for the Fall. And the apron skirts are so adorable.

With this skirt I matched up the apron with the waistband. It was much easier than to trying to match the apron to the bottom of the waistband line like in the above photo this one.

I loved this yellow fabric when I used it for the apron. I knew it would be cute on its own as well. It would be perfect for the Fall or the Spring/Summer. It has great crossover potential.

This fabric was just too cute to pass up at Joann's. So colorful, and the leafy pattern was just so pretty. It adds some much needed color to the Fall season with the blue and green leaves. We have more options for tops and leggings, if needed. Might also go great with a pair of jeans.

Wearing skirts and having fun...

Whether running, playing or jumping, skirts are the best. She picked out the red shoes to wear for photos. She loves those shoes and will even put them on at nap time and bedtime and go to sleep. They do add some nice Fall color to the outfit though. I think she has good fashion sense. Who am I to argue with a 2 year old?

I thought the apron skirts would be perfect for a Fall sewing project, and they were, but when I went to put together an outfit for the girl to wear I realized that she doesn't have any actual matching shirts to go with them. Hmph. We'll have to fix that so that she can enjoy them before the season is over with. I did dig up this gold shirt that belonged to the boy when he was two. It works but I think it needs something more. Maybe some applique leaves in matching fabrics to help tie it together better?

Next, find some shirts to go with the skirts.

Skirts are also perfect for showing off your climbing skills while waiting for your brother's tee ball game to start. Again, with the red shoes. They just go with everything. I really like this colorful skirt and we had the perfect shirt to go with it. We also have leggings that match the shirt for when the sun starts to set and the cooler night weather settles in. Cute look.
On to Christmas sewing projects!

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