Monday, May 28, 2012

Sometimes you just have to start over

Recently I asked my mother to bring me the little white table that was in her basement. I thought it would be perfect to put my sewing machine on, especially when I get a room to put it in.

Me: "Can you bring me that little white table that is in the basement?"
Mom: "You mean the sewing table?"
Me: "That's what it is?"
Mom: "Yeah, it's a sewing table."
Me: "Perfect! That is actually what I want to use it for."

I didn't know it was a sewing table and it had been in and around the house since I was little. I even painted it white the first time around. I thought it needed updating and my mom let me. After I went away to college it kind of got neglected and was left in the basement, with no purpose for the future.

When the grandparents came to visit the kiddos they brought the sewing table with them. I figured a couple of coats of fresh paint and it would be ready for use. It needed a lot of love. I didn't know how much until I put a couple of coats on paint on it. I had some white paint leftover from when I painted the bed frame to my son's big boy bed.

(Ignore my shoes)

Apparently, the paint had gotten mildewy or moldy since I used it last. This project was going to take a little longer than I had planned. I had to start over. So I stripped all of the paint off and got it back to it's original state. That also meant a trip to the store for a small can of new paint. After some scrapping and wiping and labor it was ready to be painted again.

It looks so pretty after several coats of paint. Nice and clean. Ready for use.

Now I can't wait to get my sewing room built around it.

It will go approximately in this spot with a window above it. Just imagine walls, ceiling, roof, two windows, and a door on the left hand side. It'll be great, and hopefully big enough for all of my sewing, crafting, and scrapbooking stuff. I can't wait to have a space to be creative in again. I've been trying to get my husband to let me make it a little bit bigger, use of more of the additional parking space in our driveway. I don't think he is going for it though. I can continue to hope though.

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