Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Easter to Birthdays

Sorry to be gone so long. I've been busy with Easter and three birthdays, then my hubs and I went on a weekend trip, back to work, starting/completing other projects to share later, and finally have time to put some sort of post together.

Today I will share two outfits I made for the girl. One for Easter and one for her birthday. Both of which were inspired by Pinterest. Check out my Sew Cute Idea board to see more wonderful ideas. **WARNING** cuteness overload may occur while on Pinterest.

I will also share the birthday cake/cupcakes I made for my kids' birthdays.



I saw this Fabric at Joann's and knew I had to get it for this particular project. It's Springy and colorful but not too Easter-y. It's something she can wear again.

                              Love that dimple!  (Hubs took pictures and did the hair).


I loved this angled stripe fabric. I had the perfect shirt to match and added her age to it.

I made a matching hair clip with a rolled fabric flower. My technique still needs some work, but it still looks cute in her hair.

On to Birthday treats...

Birthday cake and Cupcakes

Once I saw a pin of a Robot Cake I knew it would be perfect for the boy. It was fairly easy to make and assemble. The part that gave me the most trouble was the icing. I got the color I wanted but making sure I had enough to cover the whole thing and making sure the points were pointy enough...it was time consuming and time was something I did not have. That is why the feet look different from the rest of the body. I do not yet have the patience, or skill, and had not alotted enough time, to do it perfectly the way I wanted. But it was made with love.

When it came time for the girl's birthday, I kept it simple. She likes Minnie Mouse so I made her cupcakes with simple icing that doesn't require perfection and some oreos for ears. I used the wrong tip to make bows - but again, didn't allow enough time to do it right. Both of them enjoyed their birthdays and are young enough to not really care about my mistakes. They got presents and got the eat cake, or lick the icing off the cake and that is all they really care about at this point. It was their special day and they knew it.

The end. More to come later as I finish up another project.

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