Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mustache Peasant Dress

I have another dress to share with you today. 

I loved this mustache fabric from Hobby Lobby so much, and when I saw a peasant dress made with this fabric on pinterest, I, of course, had to make one for my girl. 

The pinterest version had a bright blue ruffle with buttons in the middle. I did a "u" ruffle neckline with buttons. I loved it when I finished the dress, but when I put it on my daughter, well, the embellishment seems a bit overwhelming. I should have made it smaller. 

Yep. Definitely should have made it smaller. Oh, well.

She loves a dress. Besides the neckline embellishment, I kind of love it, too. I look forward to her wearing this dress at the same time that her brother wears his mustache shorts. Fun.

She had a wonderful time being my little model on a rare warm day just before Spring. She cracks me up!

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