Friday, February 6, 2015

Checking In

Hello. (random thoughts ahead)
Work things have been occupying my time lately, but part of that is over with so I am moving on to other projects. Some sewing related. I have completed projects to share when the weather gets warmer, as my daughter has 8 new dresses to wear, and my son has two new button-up shirts. What a feat already for 2015! 

I am working on a couple of other sewing projects as well. Valentine's day is coming up and I have a project to share about that. 

Hopefully the weather will turn warm soon. My son will be doing coach pitch baseball this spring season and I am hoping that he will learn a lot and enjoy it. Practice starts today. He hasn't played baseball for a year so his skills are a little rusty. We've been practicing at home though.

Fun stuff is yet to come!
Can someone bring me some hot chocolate? Thanks.

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