Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Start

I am determined that this year will start off better than the last one ended. I have at least one goal made, a few more I want to make, but I just haven't made them specific enough to actually be able to meet those goals. I'm working on it. I have projects in mind, just a few, that need to get done, and a whole bunch I would love to be able to do. The major thing that is stopping me is space. I do not have an adequate, warm, all mine, creative space. I just need a contractor who can work with me, get back to me, answer my questions, and actually build my craft studio. I'm ready, but all in good time I guess. Maybe there is something better coming down the road, or something that will require my attention and possibly saved up finances? Hoping for good things though. I will remain patient, or at least try to.

I'm also struggling with a decision. I knew there was some sort of limit on the saved up space photos used in blogs can take up, what I didn't count on was using up said space so quickly. I love having a space to show all of my work that is just for that work, and provide explanations and others things in life that don't have any other outlet. It's my memory keeper for the everyday things. I can use Facebook to a point, but it's not the same as creating an entire post around one subject/project that you can easily refer back to for cute memories of those subjects/projects. This is like my creative scrapbook, online, in one location...and now my photo limit is met. What to do? I can increase my limit, but that means making monthly payments to an entity that is trying to make money for the company and shareholders. That's fine for them, but that's not the goal of my make money for me, for an entity, or pay for the opportunity to blog. For now I will painstakingly find the photos in my picasa album that were not used in a blog and delete them to create more free space. Might even have to edit some posts to remove photos as well.

In other news...I am starting to feel better. By the time Christmas came around I could feel the change in me. The pain was getting better and I was healing. Hopefully the follow-up appointment will bring good news. It's nice to notice when you are actually feeling better. I've been planning and thinking and making lists again. Now I just need to get to work on that. For that, a space to do so would be nice. Have I mentioned I am in need of a contractor?

Hoping for a great year!

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