Wednesday, January 23, 2013


That's me. Lame. I haven't completed much in blog world. Seriously need to get on that. Gotta clean out my picasa album so I can get back to attaching photos here. I have been doing work though. Well, not work-work, but "work". You know, the fun stuff. Sewing.
I made my daughter a new toddler backpack for daycare. Her other one was falling apart.
I also made one for a co-worker/friend's daughter. Turned out super cute.
I finished a pillowcase dress for my sister's friend.
I finished my son's two pairs of pajama pants. He loves them.
And I made a pair of ruffle pants for my daughter to go with a pillowcase dress she wore last year. The dress is now a top, but the matching pants are totally adorable. Using the same material I am also working on another toddler backpack for her, to take to church.
 So need my studio built.
I would have provided photos, but my album is full. I'm getting to it, I promise.

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