Monday, September 17, 2012

7 years

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon on September 10, two people got married and started a life together, as one.

My husband and I try to stick to the traditional wedding anniversary gifts as much as possible. The modern ones seem so strange but the traditional ones are cute, well, cute to us at least.

For the seventh wedding anniversary the traditional gift was copper/wool. Hmm. Pinterest gave me the perfect idea, and I got to work on it. Here's what I made for my hubs.

Pennies are made of copper. Well, sort of. But for the purposes of this gift, they represent the traditional gift of copper.

I located four pennies with important years on them that represented our lives. One for each of our birth years (1979 and 1980). One for the year we started dating (2001) and one for the year we got married (2005).

I thought finding the ones with our birth years on them would be hard, but it wasn't. Finding one from 2005 proved to be more difficult.
I drilled a small hole into the top of each penny.


The purpose of the holes is so that they can fit onto a key ring, which can be put onto his key chain so he will always have them with him. A simple project that serves as a constant reminder of our life together so far.
Also, for our anniversary I picked up a composition notebook. When we were dating we wrote letters to each all the time. That sort of dried up some after we got married, and when the kids came along our letter writing is pretty much nonexistent. There are times that I think of stuff that I want to tell him or find something that I want to share with him but the timing doesn't work out well and it gets stored in my head. Now it has an outlet. We can write to each other again and when we have time, we can respond, and hopefully continue to build a strong marriage.

The total package: Notebook, pennies, and a card. We keep it simple around our house.
Pretty photos of me and my dress.
My absolute favorite photo:
All we need now is a continued happy life that God will provide us with.

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