Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whale: Unfinished

Super cute shorts for my super cute son.

This project is unfinished because I want to iron on a whale to a shirt using the same fabric. I just haven't done that part yet. Or how fun would it be to cut out the colorful individual whales to iron onto the shirt? Just thought of that. Might be cute. Would take some careful cutting on my part and some patience. Hmm.

I got the fabric from Wal-mart. I hardly ever remember the name of the fabric or who designed it. But I did look it up. The fabric is Oceans Away Whale of a Tail Blue manufactured by Springs Creative. I also have this fabric in a purple with more girly colored whales that would be perfect for the girl.

He looks  like he is almost ready to go to the beach. I love bright and fun fabric that I can use for boy projects.

I also love how I was able to group those three pictures together. Took me most of the morning to figure it out, and I made it harder on myself by not searching online for instructions sooner, and by finally remembering an additional step to save the picture, but I did it! And it looks awesome!
Go me!

Next time it won't take me nearly as long. I should write myself some instructions though, it will save me the trouble of trying to remember how to do this in the future.

(The back view)
I used the KID Shorts tutorial from MADE. Thanks Dana for being so wonderful and sharing your awesomeness with the rest of us.

Next time I will post the complete project. May even be able to get the girl whale outfit completed as well and get both of the kids to pose for pics. We'll see. I can usually get one to agree, but not both and still be able to take some great photos.