Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hats, headbands, bag and such

I've been working on some projects and am just now getting around to showing them here.

Changed the ribbon on my acorn wreath from Christmas to Winter.

Made my first knit material project. Knot baby hat.

Made my first project out of tights. Girly headband with accessory.

Made a knit finger weave bracelet. Took some practice but it eventually turned out the way I wanted.

Whipped up this cute tote bag for my twin. I'm not sure she is a fan of the red on the bottom but I think it turned out quit nice.

Created an easy ball pit for the kids to play in. So simple.

1. Find a big tote or box or something kids would like to play in that is enclosed.

2. Add ball bit balls.

3. Add kid.


  1. awww this baby hat is adorable
    great post!!

    1. Thanks! The pattern and instructions for the hat can be found at, search for Top Knot Baby Hat. I will be putting up a new post today. Thanks for stopping by. :)