Monday, June 22, 2015

Gnomeville A-line top and Bubble shorts

I absolutely love this fabric! Love, love, love. It. 

Cut gnomes watering plants, working in the yard with mushroom houses, and hanging laundry...what's not to love? They are just so dang cute. And the Christmas version...gah!..even cuter!

I searched Pinterest for ideas about what to make with it. I finally settled on an idea. A cute A-line top, Peter Pan collar, and matching bubble shorts.

I drafted the Peter Pan collar myself to match the neckline of the A-line top. I used the First Day dress (MADE) A-line dress and top version to make the top. I found a free Peter Pan collar to work off of and then modified it to work for this outfit.

My kids like to ruin a potentially good photo op by making silly faces. I still love it.

The bubble shorts are just the KIDS shorts pattern (MADE) and widened the legs so that I could gather them to get the bubble effect. 

I would have liked them to be more bubbly, but it works for me. 

And the whole thing looks adorable on my girl, who was less than enthused about wearing it. Maybe I should stop asking her to try things on when she is doing something she likes? Nah. That is one of the perks of parenting. :)


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