Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer Recap: 2014 Edition

I am writing this post to keep track of the things we are doing this summer. (Re-read in past tense, I'm not changing it.)

*We went to play at gymnastics. The boy's cartwheel got some major improvement and the girl actually jumped on the big trampoline. We continued our work on pullovers on the bar and handstands. We all had a great time.

*We joined the summer reading program through the public library. And finished the reading program. The kids got medals, certificates of completion, and other little goodies.

*On Thursdays our little library has a summer series of visitors who come to entertain the children. Our first show we saw was by Roger Day. He is a singer/songwriter who takes science and nature and turns them into fun, quirky, educational songs for kids. He was really good. All of the kids had a great time. Check out his website if you have elementary age kids (though I think middle schoolers would enjoy him as well), and see if his show is coming to a town near you. You won't be disappointed. If you are familiar with Hap Palmer and love his work, you will definitely enjoy Roger Day's show.

*I drove the kids to NC for a summer visit. My twin drove in from TX for a visit as well and this will be the only chance I get to see her before she drives back. The kids stayed there while I came back to work my short work week and then the hubs and I will drive back for the weekend. There is a comic book convention in Charlotte that he is planning on attending so it kind of worked out well for us.

* Took the kids back to NC for a visit since my parents were off work and they could spend time together. The hubs' grandmother wanted to have a cookout for the fourth of July, and since it is my short work week and that day is an off day for me, we decided to join her and the rest of the family at her request. She doesn't ask us to do things very often, and great grandparents like to spend time with their great grandkids. My son lost his front teeth: one of the 4th and the other one the next day. He already lost the two on the bottom, one is starting to grow in though. 

                                                             Family photo. So cute.

* Took an impromptu July trip to the beach with a good friend. Her family rents a couple of condos for about two weeks every summer. They had some extra room toward the end of their stay when my friend was going to go down. I happened to be at her house when she mentioned that she asked a couple of her friends if they would like to join her, but they hadn't gotten back to her. I causally mentioned that I wanted to take the kids to the beach again, they had only ever been once, and that I had the whole next week off work. Everything worked out beautifully. Everyone was able to go. So happy that it coincided with my scheduled week off. The kids were wonderful and had such a great time. We really enjoyed ourselves.

We had a fairly good summer. It went by quickly. Looking forward to next summer as well. Hopefully we can pack more fun into that one as well.

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