Friday, March 23, 2012

Pears and Apples Pillowcase Dress

This wonderfully cute fabric came from Joann's. I bought it back in November during my Black Friday shopping spree. The weather is perfect now for lightweight, adorable, girl dresses.

The measurements for this dress are: 11-12 inches for the top part, 16 inches for the bottom part, finished. The length is about 17 1/8 inches, including the casing or hem lines. Fabric was cut on the fold. For the diaper cover I used this pattern. Dana provides a great free pattern, printable from your computer as well as a tutorial. She is awesome! My girl will be two years old next month and is of average size. If your toddler is bigger, and/or taller, or you are making one for a smaller toddler/baby then make sure to adjust your measurements.

I didn't follow the traditional pillowcase style where you thread the ribbon through the casing for the ties at the shoulder. My girl likes to pull on the ribbons and sometimes they come out and if you are not prepared to thread it back through then you will have a partially dressed or completely undressed child on your hands. No one wants that, especially if you are in public and in a hurry.

Instead, I made the casing like you normally would, but I used elastic as a means of gathering the fabric for the front and back. Then, I sewed coordinating ribbon to the dress where I wanted them to be for a good fit. She can pull on the ribbons all she wants but she won't pull them out. Also, I just like the way the elastic makes the dress look. The ribbon will always be the same length on both sides as well. No more tying, untying and retying.

And there you have one adorable spring dress!

And adorable she is! Well, I think so at least.

She is starting to grow into toddler-hood. The baby days are pretty much over at this point. Next project, potty training.

What are you doing?                                                 Who me? Found my belly button.

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